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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Signup ?
- The owner of any Indian site can join our ranking system. As long as their sites doesn't contain any Illegal content.

I came across this nice site while browsing, can I add it to your ranking system ?
- Only a site owner will be able to add his/her site to our ranking system as he/she requires to add some HTML code into their site. You can recommend us to that site owner to join our ranking system.

How long does it take for my site to appear in ranking system after joining ?
- As soon as you add the provided HTML code in your site and our ranking system starts getting hits from your site, your site will start appearing in our ranking system. However all sites are admitted subject to approval. If on review which is done within 1-2 days, if your site is found inappropriate, you will be notify by email to remove our HTML code from your site.

How long does it take to your ranking system to update all voting ?
- Our ranking system update all votes after each vote get from our member's sites and reset every month.

Where do I add the code you have sent me
- The best place to add the code is the start pages which every visitor would have to pass through while browsing your site. You can add the code in multiple pages in the same site.

I have more than one site, can I use the same code in all my sites ?
- Sure, you can use same code, But we recommend you to sign up seperatly for each site because our ranking system can count hits coming from all your sites with one ID, but it can't send hits back to all your sites with only one ID.

What do the Stars beside my site mean ?
- It is rated done by our vistors between one star to five stars.

Why was my site removed ?
- Your site can be removed for any of the following reasons.

  • Contains adult material.
  • Illegal methods were used to boost your sites voting.
  • More than one entry in ranking system.
  • We are unable to access your site or your provider had removed you.
  • Our HTML code was modified.
  • Too many PopUp windows.
  • Your site didn't send any hits to our ranking system for the last month.
  • The URL showing on our site points to someone else's site not your.
I want to remove my site from your ranking system, what do I do ?
- Simply email us at to remove your site from our ranking system, you must provide all the information about your account. Such as Contact Name, Email, SiteName, URL, Site ID, Password etc. No Action will be taken by us if any of these information not provided or false.
OR simply remove our HTML code from your site, it will removed automatically.

I still have question(s).
- Please contact us at

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